100k Members See Their Paycheck Differently


Last month, Perpay reached a milestone of 100,000 members. When we launched Perpay, our mission was to provide thousands of people with an alternative and responsible way lead a healthy financial life. The overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received has encouraged us and we are more excited than ever to continue this mission. In reflecting upon our first phase of growth, we found that there are three essential characteristics of our leadership, team, and overall business that have been crucial to our growth. They not only shed light on how we operate as a company, but demonstrate just how important each and every one of our 100,000 members are to our vision, drive, and success. 

The first is to always be confident in the work that you are doing. At Perpay, every department and every team member contributes to a company vision. This is a main driver of talent acquisition; we are acutely aware of the impact that an individual has on the team.  That is why we hire talent, train skill.  As we continue to measure growth, this validates the day-to-day work of Operations, Development, Tech, Finance, Marketing and reveals how seemingly disparate individual functions come together to grow a successful product.

The second, and arguably most important element, is understanding that you have an audience now and a responsibility to that audience. While we are constantly exploring ways to reach new audiences, we’ll never lose sight of the value of current user engagement.  The members we serve may validate our vision, but they will also be the ambassadors for continued growth. Not only are we excited about our product and the service we offer, but we're committed to providing a positive experience for each user from start to finish. Acquisition milestones mark a deepening of the pool of UX feedback. The deeper the pool, the stronger the vision and the more confidently we can develop our product with the user in mind.

We start with the perfect experience and then work backward.
— Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb

Our final ingredient is to make now your new starting point. How did we get from 0 to 100k users? Vision, talent, action, focus on UX.  How will we get from 100k to 1mm? Vision, talent, action, focus on UX.

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