Greatest Tech Hacks for Saving Money


To some, keeping up with new technology can feel like a challenge. When it saves you money, however, it might be worth the chase. Reduce your debt this year by embracing our favorite money-saving tech hacks.

1. Cut the Cord

According to Fortune, the average monthly cable bill hit an all time high in 2016 at $103/ month- almost double the price that cable providers advertise. Thankfully, cable is no longer the only way to binge on your favorite TV shows and movies. With a recent rise in popularity and accessibility of free and affordable streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, canceling your cable bill has become reality for many. Although change might not sound fun, scraping $100 off your monthly credit card bill probably does! It’s worth a try. You might have to invest a small amount of money money into your new streaming service, but it will end up saving you much more in the long run. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few pointers:

  • Consider buying an HD antenna (under $40) to access local broadcast stations, such as news and sports.
  • Explore Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime. They aren’t your only option, but they’re the most popular for good reason. They offer a great selection of shows and movies for under $12 a month, among other perks!
  • Access these streaming services with your smart TV or streaming device. If you have a Smart TV,  Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime etc. are already built in as apps .If you don’t have a Smart TV, simply find a streaming device that meets your needs. Some of our favorites are Apple TV, Roku, or a gaming console.
  • If you’re worried about losing premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime, or Starz, don’t worry! You can still subscribe to these networks individually for under $15/ month.

 2. Start couponing

What’s old is new again and thankfully, couponing is not what it once was! Instead of relying on newspapers or magazines to find coupons, head to websites like & before checking out online or going to the mall. Any available promo codes or discounts will be revealed. If you find yourself forgetting to check for coupons, try installing the Honey Chrome Extension. With the click of a button, Honey will automatically apply any available coupon codes to your shopping cart. Sound better than clipping coupons? We think so.

3. Go paperless

For traditionalists, going paperless might be a hard pill to swallow. However, making the transition could ultimately save you time, money, and the environment. If you’re an avid reader, you can save hundreds of dollars every year by using a tablet instead of purchasing books in bookstores. Try canceling your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. You can likely find the same news in real-time online on your computer or smartphone. The same goes for magazines. Most of the content you rely on magazines for is available online, including the magazines themselves. If the idea of not having a physical book or newspaper in your hands bums you out, you're not alone. In this case, try dusting off your library card. While this isn’t necessarily going paperless or a technology hack, it will reduce your personal paper use and cost you significantly less.

4. Don’t be late, automate.  

Save yourself from late-fees, debt, and constant worry by automating your online banking and bill pay and embracing services like Perpay. Although automatic bill pay isn't a new concept, you'd be surprised how many people don't take advantage of it. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your hard earned money to late-fees, so don’t. Now that you’ve gone paperless, you can easily avoid late-fees by setting up automatic credit card payments. The same goes for your electric, water, and cable bills (if you still indulge). Don’t forget to set up email statements and text alerts to review your bills and remind you that the payments are being processed. If you have a larger purchase to make, like dishwasher or computer, do your research. Rather than adding to your credit card and dealing with interest rates, use Perpay and pay for your purchase over time in a series of small, manageable, and automatic payments. Stay on top of your payments and view your remaining balance simply logging into your account.

Now that you're simultaneously becoming more tech-savvy and saving money money, keep track of your finances with our top 5 favorite budgeting apps.