Perpay Voices: From Skeptics to Repeat Shoppers


Here at Perpay, we’re constantly focused on you, our 400k (and growing!) members.  That means we’re always listening to your feedback, and when one of our members tells us how Perpay changed their life, it means everything to us.

Below are some of our favorite recent Perpay member stories – these are the stories that keep us working every day to bring you new features and products that make your experience using Perpay even better!


Elissa - TX


“My very first order I put in was a little before Christmas time one year. My kids wanted a few items that I knew I would not be able to get because of course they were more than I had set aside for Christmas spending! I saw a Perpay ad on Facebook and figured it doesn't hurt to try! Within a day or so I was approved for $1,000 after I completed my profile. It was so simple!

Ever since then Perpay is my ONLY go-to! I don't even shop at other places! I know that they will have what I need and want plus there aren’t issues with payments or getting behind because it comes directly from your paycheck! The great thing about Perpay is now once I place my orders I know I will get them fast since I have been a customer for a while now with no payment issues...they ship my items right out! Perpay has been a blessing!”


Sheila - MD

“I have been a shopping member of Perpay for approximately 2 1/2 years or more.  I am single, and I have six studious and good grandchildren.  I have to be very budget conscious – Perpay has allowed me to keep my budget on track while giving me the opportunity to still spoil my grandkids with some of the products they need or wish to have.

With Perpay’s convenient payment plans and easy credit application, I have peace of mind that I am being treated as a valued customer.  Just recently, I purchased a MacBook Air laptop for my oldest granddaughter (a graduation present) who will be attending Bennett College in North Carolina this Fall.  The moment of surprise on her face when she opened the present was priceless.   Thank you Perpay for assisting me in giving my grandchildren value products.”


Ricky - CO


“Perpay is AMAZING! I was a bit skeptical at first, so I ordered just an Apple Watch –  when I received it, it was new and in perfect condition! The billing system is awesome and fits my budget perfectly. The inventory keeps growing and the staff is phenomenal! Anytime I have a question, even the slightest thing, I get a response and a solution within a business day and they are super nice and professional.

Perpay has changed the way I shop for Xmas and birthdays for sure! It makes shopping so easy and hassle free and that is why I have been shopping with them for nearly 2 years and will continue to shop with them! I recommend Perpay to everyone who even hints about finding an easy way to shop! Thank you, guys, for all you do! Keep up the great work!”


Ashley - FL


“I was very skeptical about using Perpay when I first joined. I figured there had to be some kind of catch, but I took the chance on exploring the website and Perpay never disappoints. I have made so many purchases thanks to Perpay from Christmas shopping to everyday shopping needs that I couldn’t have made without this website. It’s convenient to use, easy to browse, and the products always arrive in a timely manner to your home.

Perpay is by far the best website on the market. Best of all there is no interest on any of the products. The staff is always there when you need them and it’s nice to know Perpay truly was designed around the customer experience. Perpay continues to grow its inventory, and I’m looking forward to seeing new items added. I highly recommend this website to everyone as Perpay makes all shopping needs convenient and even fun!"

MembersMatt Nicosia