Perpay Voices: Self-Care With Perpay


Here at Perpay, we love hearing how our members have been able to treat themselves, their families, and their friends as a result of using Perpay. Below is a story from one of our Perpay members who was able to do just that! Stories like Kimberly's keep us working every day to bring you new features and products that make your experience using Perpay even better! 

Kimberly and her daughter on a trip to San Francisco with their MCM bags from Perpay!

Kimberly and her daughter on a trip to San Francisco with their MCM bags from Perpay!

Perpay has rocked my world!

I have placed four separate orders through Perpay and it has become a form of self-care for me! I work hard and am the mom of four kids.  Perpay is the way that I reward myself for all that I do and I take care of ME!

My purchases have been for the extra special things that are more "wants" than actual "needs." By purchasing these items through Perpay, and using their convenient payroll deduction, I don't have to put off waiting to save up for these luxuries or feel guilty about spending money on ME! When I have paid off the items I ordered through the flexible payment installments, it's time for a new order from my "wish list"! Perpay has an absolutely fabulous array of great stuff (for me, that's usually beauty products, perfume, jewelry and purses 😘) to choose from and they are constantly adding new items.

The designer items are REAL brand name stuff and not knock-offs. I did also purchase a laptop for my son who goes to college in the Fall and a rug for my office.  There is so much to choose from! I have never had an issue with shipping or receiving an item that was not what it appeared to be.  Communication with their staff has been flawless and it is so easy to sign up and place an order. If you are wondering if Perpay is a scam, or the 0% interest is too good to be true, it is not! I highly recommend that you try Perpay and that you practice self-care and take care of you!

- Kimberly L.

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